Attitudinal Healing

Based on the work of Jam Palusky

1. Regards our primary identity as spiritual beings and that the essence of our inner nature is love.

2. Defines true ‘health’ as inner peace and ‘healing’ as the letting go of fear.

3. Offers the willingness to find another way of looking at the world, at life, and at death.

4. Views everyone as equal students and teachers to each other, recognizing that we can learn something from everyone we meet.

5. Teaches that forgiveness is the key to happiness through healing our relationships with all others and with ourselves.

6. Experiences love as the most powerful source of healing in the world.

7. Views the purpose of all communication as joining and regards happiness as a choice.

8. Recognizes that we are all worthy of love and that happiness is our own responsibility as well as our natural state of being.

9.  Affirms that it is not other people or circumstances outside ourselves  that cause us to be in conflict or upset. Rather, it is our own  thoughts, feelings, judgments, and attitudes about people and events  that cause us distress.

10.  Discovers the negative affect that holding on to grievances, blaming  others, and condemning ourselves has, so that we can choose to no longer  find value in them.

11. Asserts that when we let go of fear, only love remains and love is the answer to all the problems we face in life.

12.  Recognizes that we can choose to perceive ourselves and others as one  of two ways; either loving, or as fearful, giving a call for help. Fear  is shown as anger, rage, violence, etc., towards others and ourselves.

13. Sets the goal of inner peace and living a life focused on unconditional love.

14.  Supports the notion that as we reach our own hand out into the darkness  to help another back into the light…we discover that it is our own.

15.  Introduces the dynamics of personal choice and total responsibility for  healing our own minds and for having harmony and integrity in all that  we think say and do. 

Attitudinal  Healing supports people in finding a different way of looking at life  and approaching difficult situations or relationships in a new  way.  Whether it a woman with breast cancer, a grieving parent, a  child with leukemia, or a person with AIDS, each person in their own  unique way explores this approach for its potential to open them to  moments of real inner peace and to a deeper sense of joining with  others. Attitudinal Healing can facilitate a dramatic change in  thinking, feeling and attitude, and change a person's experience  entirely, even in the face of extreme circumstances.