"Thank  you so much for the last several months I have been in the group. I  have benefited from it in so many ways ... I will be forever grateful".

"It matters so much to me that you have the compassion and desire to do the important work that you are doing."

"Please know that your unconditional love and worthwhile efforts in the group means so much, to so many people." 

"In  the group I can express myself without fear of being judged or  laughed.  At times I believe my questions are silly and would keep  them to myself but going to group I can trust to open up and have  questions answered.  These are answers I could not find elsewhere."

"Positive  Attitudes is also a group of friends.  It is easy to make friends  in this type of atmosphere.  I find that others in the group have a  caring and kind way of putting any difficult subject at ease."

"Positive  Attitudes has become a vital part of my healthy attitude. Our group is  my extended family and an open door to ways to live my daily life and to  learn behaviors and ways to extend my life by positive, healthy  living."
condition such as myself to lower exposure risks. Overall great group of people."

"I came to Positive Attitudes support group almost 15 years ago and it has been a rock to rely on its presence ever since."

"Positive Attitudes Support Group has become a part of my healthy life regimen."

"In  times of uncertainty, when living with challenges often beyond our  control, with sickness and the threat of sickness, it's always  reassuring to know that Frieda, Judy, and the positive attitudes support  group is always there for us."

"My  partner and I have been together for 6 years. After he had been  diagnosed as being HIV positive, we both decided to not let this stop us  both from living. Positive Attitudes has been excellent for both of us.  It gives him a family in which he can connect with living with the same  conditions as he. Also, the info that's shared within the social  meetings is good for those living without the
condition such as myself to lower exposure risks. Overall great group of people."